Renting a house or apartment

How it works

Registering with us is free of charge. You can do this on our home page under the button: register.

After registering you can create your own search profile and set your personal requirements. Shortly after that we will contact you for a personal talk.

Also after registration you will be asked to confirm our "terms of use" as well as our consulting agreement with which you order us to find the house or apartment that complies with your requirements.

Visiting the house or apartment

Suitable objects can be visited for inspection accompanied by one our employees or associated partners. Because Rent2You has your convenience in mind, visits can be scheduled in the evening hours or during weekends as well.

Income requirements

Renting a house or apartment requires a steady income. If you are a student it is important that you can provide proof of a guaranteed income and a parent who will guarantee the rental fee.

Documents needed

  • A copy of a valid passport
  • A copy of the most recent pay slip
  • A copy of the last 3 bank slips showing the current address and the rental payments. Balances can be blacked out.
  • An employer’s certificate showing a current steady working agreement
  • I you are self-employed we need a KvK extract and a verified  income statement for the previous year

Service fee

If after the search a rental agreement was signed, we will charge you some costs and provide you with a detailed invoice. Our service fee is based on an hourly tariff. However, the costs will not exceed the rental fee for one month (excl. VAT)

What can you expect from us?

  • A consultation and an advice focusing on your personal requirements and wishes.
  • We provide matching high quality homes and apartments and we will keep you posted at all times.
  • We organize visits to selected objects (also on weekends)
  • We negotiate the rental fee and other conditions for you with the tenant
  • After receipt of your documents we will check your references (BKR) and discuss them with the landlord to get his consent.
  • The landlord may insist on a personal meeting. If so we will organize this for you.
  • After you declare your consent with the object to rent and the documents are approved and the BKR check has been positive, we will set up the rental agreement and discuss the content with you
  • After signing the rental agreement we will hand over the keys at an agreed point in time. We will be present to inspect the object again to ensure your satisfaction